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Saturation Equalizer

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Saturation equalizer is saturation plugin that can adjust saturation of an image via 6 sliders – effectively the saturation curve. You can alo modify brightness of image with two spinboxes – they work like „levels“ tool.
Additionally you can autoalign RGB channels to eliminate color cast and there are few more features. I believe they are self-explanatory, once you work with plugin.
It internally works in floats, that means no information is lost during processing.
Plugin is multithreaded.

To learn more visit homepage (with examples):

Feedback welcomed.

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eighter rename it to *.tar (not tar.gz) or use "tar xf" (no "z") instead

bye ...

/Edit : Thnks TiborB by the way :o)

Eeeeeek, renaming to tar works, but why make it tgz in the first place?

some misstake on diffusion ... (supposedly)

Oh, by the way, my English is ... as it is ;)


The plugin dialog is too big. I cannot see below the brightness formula. Is there anyway to make the dialog shorter, maybe the sliders changed.

dirty, but the layout is a bit better for smaller screens
someone said it could not be entirely seen
Aplly with :
patch < [downloded.file]
Reverse with :
patch -R < [downloded.file]

Tibor : i hope there's nothing wrong with it ...

Again, Thks and keep it up :)

I was considering horizontal and square (like yours) layouts, but for now I decided to stay with vertical. It is kind of standard in gimp, and then I managed to reduce the height of the window, and when we consider what is current usual resolution of screens I believe for most user the height of the plugin will not be an issue...

The dialog could have horizontal layout, e.g. with tabs to keep it even smaller. And Reset button is really missing too.

reset button was added in v. 0.6, I hope it works properly :)

a windows binary? :)
Looks like a very useful filter.


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