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Saturation Equalizer

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Saturation equalizer is saturation plugin that can adjust saturation of an image via 6 sliders – effectively the saturation curve. You can alo modify brightness of image with two spinboxes – they work like „levels“ tool.
Additionally you can autoalign RGB channels to eliminate color cast and there are few more features. I believe they are self-explanatory, once you work with plugin.
It internally works in floats, that means no information is lost during processing.
Plugin is multithreaded.

To learn more visit homepage (with examples):

Feedback welcomed.

GIMP Version: 
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I found that error one day after publishing on google code, it is fixed in 0.6.3.
By now, I dont have any plans or 'feature requests' for this plugin, so 0.6.3 will probably be latest version for some time.

A proposal for future releases: a bigger preview. At present size seems fixed even if I increase the plugin's window.

This is something I have already spent some time about.
Problem is that standard preview widget ( can't do this. Its size is hardcoded to 200 x 200px. There is another widget - zoom-able preview - is this what you mean? If you mean some other preview, give me example - plugin where it is used, I will try to find source and look inside.

As for zoomable preview, its use (for a programmer, ~ API) is much more complicated that this standard preview widget, so I gave up and staied with default preview widget.

A zoomable preview would be nice, too, but I mean a changeable size. Example: The (default) unsharp mask-filter. When I increase the plugin window the size of the preview increases simultaneously. Or Peter Heckert's USM2:

Allright, the code you linked looks interesting, I work on something else now, but I will look at it later.

UPDATE: I looked at it and was surprised to find that that guy uses the very same widget. So I was wrong when I said the size is hardcoded.

If you are willing to test it, change following line
gtk_box_pack_start (GTK_BOX (main_vbox), preview, FALSE, FALSE, 0);
gtk_box_pack_start (GTK_BOX (main_vbox), preview, TRUE, TRUE, 0);

it works but crashes - I must investigate it if the problem is with my code (probably) or gimp's code.

Thx! I'm looking forward to the win binaries :)

OOOpss...sorry Tibur i dumb error from my side deleted your last message

I think will be better add the link for the compiled binary (as now only for Windows but is a good start) to the filter presentation and on the filter page

i may see if i may compile for Ubuntu (or more generally Debian) if somebody is volunteering to test
A test will be needed because i use checkinstall to get the deb, and checkinstall didn't check too well for dependencies

Of course, deb package for latest ubuntu or for more versions at once if it is technically possible and for debian as well would be welcomed.
I would either upload it to attachments here (there are so far only my packages with source code) or just mention the download link somewhere....
The same is valid for windows binary as well (here we need new 0.6 version compiled) ...

I received a message from the author and since it was forwarded to few others ins this thread i think i resume his propos :

Again TiborB95 (the author)

- have some trouble with submission here (discussion)
- he appologies for the *.tar vs *.tgz misstake
- and he's still working on a reset button

Maybe until he's express himself here we shall(?) keep an eye on he's page :


Sorry nixnine for calling you "someone" (could'nt remember your nick and can't correct it anymore)


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