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Saturation Equalizer

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Saturation equalizer is saturation plugin that can adjust saturation of an image via 6 sliders – effectively the saturation curve. You can alo modify brightness of image with two spinboxes – they work like „levels“ tool.
Additionally you can autoalign RGB channels to eliminate color cast and there are few more features. I believe they are self-explanatory, once you work with plugin.
It internally works in floats, that means no information is lost during processing.
Plugin is multithreaded.

To learn more visit homepage (with examples):

Feedback welcomed.

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Many thanks for the answer.
I did this in a terminal,so as you say here and in the readme too . I think there is something wrong in my installing process but don't understand what!!! I become the output "such file is unknown" or so what.

you must run "gimptool-2.0....." command in directory with saturate.c.
You can get content of current directory with "ls".

Many thanks for tibor95 and other contributors. I tested and it works fine on windowsXP and GIMP 2.6. But i would better use it under UBUNTU 11.04 and GIMP2.6 : i couldn't get it working ! « build-essential,fakeroot,checkinstall » are installed but nothing happened !!
Could somebody help ? I think Photocomix has an idea about this !

install it locally
unpack tgz and run (as user, not root)
gimptool-2.0 --install saturate.c
and watch output.
It should create binary file:
~/ .gimp-2.X/plug-ins/saturate
To uninstall it - simply delete the file

First of all, thanks to Tibor95 for this plugin, and thanks to samj for the win binaries!
I have a problem with the 32bit-version (using XP and Gimp 2.6.8): applying the plugin to a layer with alpha channel results in a transparent layer; without alpha channel it works fine!

please visit and test version 0.6.1

EDIT: I found there is memory problem when working with RGB (no alpha channel) images. It might lead to segmentation fault. So there is bugfix 0.6.2 on line 200 the accolade "}" is captured in comment :
//printf ****; }
else {

so the gimptool will not compile the file
the easy fix is to move the accolade outside of comment.
#printf ****;
else {
after I do that all was OK

this correction is here for users which already downloaded 0.6.2 but they can't compile


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