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Saturation Equalizer

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Saturation equalizer is saturation plugin that can adjust saturation of an image via 6 sliders – effectively the saturation curve. You can alo modify brightness of image with two spinboxes – they work like „levels“ tool.
Additionally you can autoalign RGB channels to eliminate color cast and there are few more features. I believe they are self-explanatory, once you work with plugin.
It internally works in floats, that means no information is lost during processing.
Plugin is multithreaded.

To learn more visit homepage (with examples):

Feedback welcomed.

GIMP Version: 
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Thanks for the quick answer. The filter is absolutely great!!

Binaries Saturation Equalizer-0.9.1 32bits-64bits-gimp-2.8-windows.
more info
Many thanks to samj !

and tested it in Gimp-2.6.11 - works great!

I love the new additions. Thanks!


glad to hear it :) , thanks


lately I resumed my work on this plugin, here is the result, changes are:

- zoomable preview
- color-auto-alignment (My motive was to eliminate color cast on snow), Here I must note that that this does not work via eyedropper, but scan (part of) image in preview, so you can "focus" preview on a section of image and hit the button "Calculate and apply"
- skin protection tool was reworked, now it doesnt mention skin, but functionality is still there. I added also inverted mode here.
- a lot of mouse-over tips were added.

Personal comment: I know that the plugins becames bloated, but one argument for such bloat is that it is better to make multiple operation in one
step because less information (I mean mathematically) is lost.

So please test, comment and use :)


Thanks!! Works fine on XP. Love this new saturation limiter!

new version 0.8 is out.

Here is some changelog against 0.7.2 (latest stable version):

- added 3 new color models: HSV, HSL, YUV, where equalizer affects S components in HSV/HSL colorspaces and level tool affects V/L components
- mouse-over tips for some widgets
- added infobox with statistics about saturation of part of the image in preview (original, not after saturating)
- skin protection mode, you can pick a color which will not be saturated. The slider there is to include also near (similar) colors into virtual mask.

I admit I did not test it thoroughly, so any feedback is welcomed - as usual


Thanks! Works fine on XP. And this skin thing is really appreciated.


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