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recaptcha fixed


after the old domain name was switched over, the recaptcha key stopped working and new users could not register anymore. requires that one specifies all domains that a key is going to be used from, probably to prevent abuse. I have now added and my testing indicates it works fine again, so you should be able to create new accounts again!

Many thanks to the people who reported this in a very helpful manner (with screenshots, even!).

cheers, Ingo

OK... so it appears the fix was not actually effective for anyone but me, due to the reverse lookup of the IP address still returning the old address. Until I get this changed (which will take a bit of time, because of DNS caching), captchas are simply math based. Maybe I'll even keep it that way, unless we get lots of bogus accounts registered.

Not sure if this is an error or I was just to eager to get logged in. My registration went thru but I recieved no email. I then requested to reset my password and I recieved that email within 5 seconds of pressing the submit button. Might be worth looking into. --- EDIT --- Registration email recieved 22 minutes after perhaps it was my eagerness only :P

So you're saying that the registration confirmation arrived later than the password reminder? That is puzzling, it is the same mail-server, after all ;-) My suggestion would be to look at the mail-headers "Received" lines, to see where the delay might be coming from.

So, it appears that the Math captcha was way too easy and lots of spam accounts were registered -- no spam was posted, just accounts that were obvious spammers from the name. I have now introduced an image based-captcha and hopes that solves this annoying issue. I also deleted the spammer accounts. Sorry if any real account was accidentally removed, I stripped most of the ones of the last day except when there had been a real posting already.

Thought I'd wade into this one, tried to register, took about 8 attempts for me to get past the captcha. I nearly gave up and assumed the thing was broken. More likely I was struggling to complete it, and there wasn't a fall back to audio or similar. Captcha I was dealing with was one of the 'type the munged letters' variety, not recaptcha, so I thought I'd make some notice about it given the above. I am a huge fan of recaptcha, It's winning the battle for me at the moment, and seems to impress the local expert, unlike some other efforts. This makes interesting reading:

My bad for not reading the the entire conversation. But as an aside I've had no end of complaints about e-mail verifications from drupal not working for hotmail users, to the point where people resorted to finding me in person to complain....

Indeed, this happened at other sites ! and it is a pity that you can not register !

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