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Heal Selection Message- Error while executing script-fu-smart-remove-

Error: eval unbound variable plug-in- resynthesizer

After watching several great videos how how to install the two files necessary to run "Resynthesizer" and selecting the (heal selection) from enhanced feature, I keep getting the message above. Everything appears to process, but in the end I'm left with an error message. I'm running Windows XP. Any suggestions would be welcome.


You need to provide more information. What version of resynthesizer are you using? What version is GIMP?

Bootchk took over the resynthesizer project and has posted the new release of this plug-in here:

Gimp 2.6.11 on a Windows 32 bit system

You are running an old version of the Resynthesizer suite.

The name "script-fu.." means "Heal selection" is an older version written in the Scheme language. The new versions are written in Python and named like "python-fu...". This is a naming convention.

Also, there appears to be an extra space in the error message, between "plug-in" and "resynthesizer." Maybe you just pasted it wrong?? But don't try and fix it, just get the new version.

There appears to be 10 files, Do I install all these in the script folder like I would do a normal plug-in. I know the my previous install had me installing through my documents. Also should I delete those old installs? Thanks for the help and quick reply.

You probably WANT to remove the old scripts, since they munge up your menus.

Instructions are found in the README file, for removing old scripts, and installing new ones.

A common mistake is to think that all plugins are installed to the same directory. "Script" plugins, i.e. those written in Scheme and having a .scm file suffix, are installed in one directory, something like ..../scripts. Contrast that with plugins written in Python, having a .py file suffix AND plugins written in the C language, having a .exe file suffix, which are installed in something like .../plug-ins. I say "something like" because the specifics depends on whether you are on Windows or Linux, and whether you are installing for all users of the computer or just one user.

My sympathy, it really is more complicated than it should be.

I'm at my wits end. I've tried everything from deleting all my gimp scripts, even uninstalling/re-installing gimp and I still get an error result in my heal selection tool. this time the message is:

Error: eval: unbound variable: nth "

I just don't don't know what else to do

Do I need to remove "Script Fu" plug-in for this to work? I just installed the new version and same message pops up. I installed the new version to the plug-in folder in the gimp 2.6 directory under my documents and settings. I still get the same message after processing of the object I selected to remove. Error while executing script-fu-smart-remove:

Error: eval: unbound variable: plug-in-resynthesizer

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