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A Pluging for creating mazes of different types. The sources can be downloaded from More information can be found on the project page:

GIMP Version: 
Code License: 


Click below for the link; only 32-bit for now unfortunately, but I use 2.6.11 32-bit anyway, so no issue for me. :)

and i ran into a small snag with Cairo.
Seems SCons can't find my Cairo headers cairo-svg.h or cairo-pdf.h
Is there a way to edit the SConstruct file to except my build environment locations?

Were you able to open the Sconstruct file? You might want to ask this question of Bernd, the author, on his website contact form.

file opens fine in Notepad ++.
I know SamJ was able to compile the last version.It would be cool to be able to compile this type of code.
I have SCons installed and working as a local folder.I can place it in the src folder ie..maze/src and it will run the script with the simple command
The error occurs with Cairo includes.The maze script can not find cairo-svg.h OR cairo-pdf.h
I tried placing
#include < src/cairo-svg.h >
#include < src/cairo-pdf.h >
in the cairo.c file, and then adding those two files to the maze/src folder with still no luck.

I will send Bernd a message then.
Thanks Mahvin,



I've never compiled the 0.8 version of Maze5 (Scons does not work in my environment).
I just compiled version 0.7 32-bit after a very, very long period of correction of sources to make them compatible with Msys/Mingw 32.

I installed this plugin but can not find where it is located (in menu in gimp). Also homepage nor attached files do not mention this detail.
Can anybody advice me?

(the path is in the register block close to the end of the gimp.c file )

yes, good idea to look into source, I should have knew it...

Anyway, it is really basic information, should be mentioned somewhere

I agree that is a basic information that should be included in the presentation, i can't imagine a average windows user look in the source code.
But i told you where it was because i am sure you would not fear you computer to explode as by effect of a glance to a code.

I just uploaded the version 0.8.1. It contains a bug fix for a problem in the gimp plugin, if the tileable option was turned on.


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