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tool problem

I have downloaded gimp onto my windows 7 pc and cannot get the tools to continue working. They work at the beginning but at some point just stop working. Under edit it will say i used the paintbrush but there will be no lines drawn. Sometimes it won't even register that i used the tool.

I have redownloaded it 3 times in two days.
Help please?


If you're new to GIMP, there are a few things that might trip you up in this way. The ones that I can think of off the top of my head:

1) Look at the Layers dialog and make sure that the layer you are trying to draw on is the active one. You might be successfully drawing all over a layer that either is underneath the visible one, or has its visibility box unchecked. Which layer you have active is something to watch out for whenever you do anything.

2) If you have a selection active on your image, you will be able to draw only inside of the selected area.

3) Look at the options in the Toolbox and make sure that your brush is drawing in Normal mode, rather than something like Hue or Screen, and has enough opacity to be visible.

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