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Android Icon

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Applies Android menu icon style to image.

Requires Layer Effects plugin to work. In fact, this plugin just applies a series of layer effects with preset settings to image to achieve Android menu icon look. The plugin includes a batch mode, which can be used from command line like this:

gimp -i --batch-interpreter=python-fu-eval -b 'pdb.python_fu_androidicon_batch(None, None, "/path/to/pictures/*.svg", "/path/to/res");pdb.gimp_quit(1)'

Tested with GIMP 2.6

Installing: installation instructions are the same as for Layer Effects plugin.

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what to do when i click on link i get a txt doc so copied to notepad AAA them saved as python file dropped in script folder now what or did i just FC the whole thing. some install help and how to implement the tool instruction would be nice. i do have "Layer Effects" plugin installed and working
edit when i save file as .scm then refresh script fu i get "Error while loading C:\Users\H20\.gimp-2.6\scripts\androidicon.scm:Error: undefined sharp expression" all my scripts have a .SCM file extension need i lil help please

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