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Adaptive Threshold Edge Detect

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An alternative edge detector based on the implementation in the OpenIllusionist project.

The original algorithm requires scaling down of the entire image area to be processed and it would have to be completely re-written to work with GIMP tiles. Since this plugin is a simple adaptation of the original algorithm it does not make use of tiles and therefore it needs to allocate a lot of memory to work. So please be aware that it may have problems if you attempt to use it on an extremely large image!

The algorithm is based on research at the University of York and was developed primarily for use with fiducial detection in live video. It was designed to improve detection of connected edges and reduce the effects of ringing edges that often occur in video streams and compressed still images.

The source and Linux binaries can be downloaded from my github plugins repository.

A more detailed description along with some example images can be found on my blog.

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vol. 30 375 bytes - md5 5d75c35e330a1a4d24a7647b48e1f24c

Tests : Gimp GIMP 2.6.9 ( 64 bits & Gimp 2.7.2 64 bits (Partha / Windows7 64 bits

Only compatible with Gimp 64bits.

Thank a lot samj i also use Gimp 2.7.2 (actually 2.7.3 there is a newer version now ) at 64 bit and i did miss this

I cannot find your plugin in the installs in the edges submenu or where ?

I thought you meant you couldn't find it at github.

Mine shows in Filters - Edge-Detect (shows at the top of the list).

finally i found it but for find it i i had to read in the code the register path
In "Filters" there is a submenu for "Edges" filters will be easier to find if added there

When installed it should appear in the Filters -> Edge-Detect menu, where did it end up in your GIMP and what OS are you using?


Ooppss sorry was my mistake forgot my comments about wrong menu

When you click download, it offers a choice between 32 and 64 bit.

Not going to show but just wanted to say I'm quite happy with this one teadriven. Thank you too Sam for compiling it for Windows. :)


vol. 26 239 bytes - md5 eda09d90c5b83248e72e07d315d6aa37

Tests with Gimp 2.6.11 32 bits & Gimp Painter 2.6.11 32 bits / Windows 7 64 bit


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