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Resynthesizer v1.0 released

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This is a suite of revised and new resynthesizer plugins.

I have assumed maintenance of the Resynthesizer from the original author Paul Harrison.

This is version 1.0.

The source is now at (a public repository like SourceForge). Search for user "bootchk", repository "resynthesizer." For more information, see the README and ChangeLog and NEWS files there (you don't have to download them.)

!!! The attached executables are Linux files. DO NOT download them for Windows. Also do NOT download the Python scripts for Windows (they won't work with the old resynthesizer.exe.) I have built the resynthesizer and tested on Windows, but have not finished an installer for Windows. If you are adept at building, download the source and build Windows executables yourselves.

A short summary of changes for users is:
- bugs are fixed
- alpha-agnostic: less hassle with alpha channels
- its bundled: most plugins that use the resynthesizer

For programmers:
- rewritten in C and Python, in Gimp style
- GNU build tool makefiles
- engine separated from the GUI control panel

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Sorry if I misunderstood.
Quote: - GNU build tool makefiles.
I untarred but don't see any make file.
The binaries are for 32 bits.
I run Gentoo 64 bit multilib.
Will it work if I copy the files to ~/.gimp-2.6/plug-ins?
Thanks for your work anyway.
Edit: found the sources at that contain it all.

OK; liking some things and not liking others. I use to be able to select the outside parts of an image (say the outside parts were white) and then run Resynthesizer and those parts would be filled with stuff from the inside of the image and that doesn't quite work that way anymore (did this to creat seamless textures on occasion). Also, why the need for both Resynthesizer and Resynthesizer GUI. If Resynthesizer GUI is needed, then how do I access it (don't see any drop down menus to access this). Just some questions or misunderstandings. Otherwise, heal seams to work fine (main concern but that has been relieved). :)

Q. Why do I need resynthesizer.exe AND resynthesizer-gui.exe?

You need the latter only if you need "Filters.Map.Resynthesizer..." menu item. The first is the engine. It provides no menu items, that is, no presence in the Gimp menus. The second is the control panel and provides the menu item "Filters.Map.Resynthesizer..." The second calls the first. Other plugins with menu items, like "Filters.Enhance.Heal selection ..." also call the engine. (The reason for this split is for the convenience of programmers when maintaining the control panel half. The split doesn't affect the function for users, and shouldn't concern most users who install the whole suite of plugins using a package installer.)

Q. Why doesn't "Filters.Map.Resynthesizer..." synthesize a selection from outside the selection, when I select something, choose "Filters.Map.Resynthesizer...", and choose "OK"?

In this particular scenario, you are telling Resynthesizer v1.0 to synthesize the selection from the same selection, and generally the results are not what you want, just a scrambling of the original selection. The easiest way to get what you want is to use "Filters.Enhance.Heal selection ..." instead. Another way to do it is to first make a copy of your image, select one area in the original, select the inverse area in the copy, bring the original to the top, choose "Filters.Map.Resynthesizer...", choose the copy image as the "Texture Source", and choose "OK". Then it will synthesize the selection in the original from the selection in the copy (which are inverse selections of each other.)

The technical reason for this change is that Resynthesizer v1.0 does NOT use the inverse of the selection in the source texture like the earlier version did. The step of creating an inverse selection in this particular scenario has been moved to the "Heal selection" plugin. In other plugins, the step of inverting a selection has been eliminated.

The justification for this change is that it simplifies everyone's conceptual model of the Resynthesizer: it synthesizes the selection in one, active layer ( or the entire layer if the selection does not intersect the layer) from the selection in another (possibly different) layer (or the entire layer if the selection does not intersect.) For the earlier version, you need to insert "the inverse of" in that statement.

Note that in Gimp there is only one (or None) selection in each image (it could have many parts) that applies to all layers. When using "Filters.Map.Resynthesizer...", you can think less if you use another image (not just another layer) as the source texture. Otherwise (using only one image) you need to think about whether and how the one selection intersects the source layer. You need worry less about the selection when using other Resynthesizer plugins, like "Heal selection".


vol. 9 265 550 octets - md5 3381f314e97846c30d6aa9b3d01e2bfc

Tests with Gimp 2.6.11 32 bits & Gimp Painter 2.6.11 32 bits / Windows 7 64 bit

Can anyone comment on this VirusTotal scan? Are the two positive results false?

the file was reported as clean by 41 antivirus on 43.
more the only 2 positive results contraddict each other


Interesting that the top 3 most reputable scanners show no result, but two virtual unknowns find a trojan and/or malware. I'd be suspecting the VirusTotal Scan at this point.

I suspect you're right that they are false positives. I just thought I would ask since it seems everything I download is infected with something lately.

If you scan a exe with all the antivirus available including many of dubious quality will be hard to avoid a few false positive result

I can't get the Heal Selection to work properly in the Windows version. All it seems to do is mush around the pixels inside the selection, no matter what options you choose. It doesn't appear to be taking pixels from outside the selection at all. I'm going back to the old resynthesizer and heal selection until I find a fix. I'm on Windows7 32 bit and GIMP 2.6.11 and Python 2.5.2

Tried Linux version in Ubuntu, works fine. But not in Windoze!


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