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Resynthesizer v1.0 released

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This is a suite of revised and new resynthesizer plugins.

I have assumed maintenance of the Resynthesizer from the original author Paul Harrison.

This is version 1.0.

The source is now at (a public repository like SourceForge). Search for user "bootchk", repository "resynthesizer." For more information, see the README and ChangeLog and NEWS files there (you don't have to download them.)

!!! The attached executables are Linux files. DO NOT download them for Windows. Also do NOT download the Python scripts for Windows (they won't work with the old resynthesizer.exe.) I have built the resynthesizer and tested on Windows, but have not finished an installer for Windows. If you are adept at building, download the source and build Windows executables yourselves.

A short summary of changes for users is:
- bugs are fixed
- alpha-agnostic: less hassle with alpha channels
- its bundled: most plugins that use the resynthesizer

For programmers:
- rewritten in C and Python, in Gimp style
- GNU build tool makefiles
- engine separated from the GUI control panel

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I am using 64-bit Linux, and I can't find all of the files necessary for compiling this plug-in.

Could someone list each file needed for compiling, along with a link to each file?


I got the files from here:
(Click on the "Download" button.)

In the bottom of this page are the instructions.

The only missing files for me were:
glib-gettextize, got installing libglib2.0-dev;
gimp-2.0 and gimpui-2.0, got installing libgimp2.0-dev.

I hope this helps.

I followed your suggestion and compiled from the git source but the plug-in does not register within GIMP. It looks as though everything went fine when compiling and both resynthesizer and resynthesizer-gui are located in /usr/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins/ so I'm not too sure what's going awry here. The only thing that looks off is that there are no new python script files in the plug-ins directory.

Is there anything else that you did besides ./>./configure-->make-->sudo make install to make the plugin work?

It helps! Please see reply in main part of thread.

May be a confusion

The scripts for resynthesizer posted on this site, including Heal Selection will NOT work with this last version of the plugin

BUT all the equivalent script are included in the plugin zip now.

Easy see the difference for Heal Selection:
heal selelection.scm is for the older version, replaced now by Heal
(note different extension )

But on Win you will need Python support to run any of the script now included in R, because are all python script

EDIT - sorry - looks like I made a mistake, and have the old and new both installed? I have a resynth.exe a resynthesizer.exe and a resyntyhesizer-gui.exe in my plugin folder now...

Plus, I can't get the python version to would as I expect it should. here is a sample of the two compared to each other:
EDIT: this was because I had an older version installed as fine when I deleted that one

-Rob A>

It has performed very well in multiple cases of its use.

Didn't bootchk also revamp the scm version. I do not believe Rob is trying to discredit bootchk at all. It seems more like we have so many options with this plug-in that we need to start organizing what we have and keeping the two versions separated in some form or fashion.

The issue was the old and new versions created had different file names for the plugin (resynth for the old, resynthesizer for the new) but registered with the same pdb name and even had the same number of parameteres, but behaved differently.

-Rob A>

Now that you mention the PDB issues, could this have been related to why I could not successfully use 0.16, because I possibly had both resynthesizer files in the plug-ins folder. I've never gave the idea of having two files any thought. I would think it would have thrown errors, before actually working.

I'd experiment and test this theory, but I'm happy with the newest version.


@ ffaat
Can you remove the image (..../2011-05-31_091945.jpg) of your tests that does not correspond to reality?

If you want to use the 2 versions simultaneously you can download from this page :
Sources are in the archive.


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