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Resynthesizer v1.0 released

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This is a suite of revised and new resynthesizer plugins.

I have assumed maintenance of the Resynthesizer from the original author Paul Harrison.

This is version 1.0.

The source is now at (a public repository like SourceForge). Search for user "bootchk", repository "resynthesizer." For more information, see the README and ChangeLog and NEWS files there (you don't have to download them.)

!!! The attached executables are Linux files. DO NOT download them for Windows. Also do NOT download the Python scripts for Windows (they won't work with the old resynthesizer.exe.) I have built the resynthesizer and tested on Windows, but have not finished an installer for Windows. If you are adept at building, download the source and build Windows executables yourselves.

A short summary of changes for users is:
- bugs are fixed
- alpha-agnostic: less hassle with alpha channels
- its bundled: most plugins that use the resynthesizer

For programmers:
- rewritten in C and Python, in Gimp style
- GNU build tool makefiles
- engine separated from the GUI control panel

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I read once that Resynthesizer uses the system clock to generate its random seeds:

Is there a reason why it might not do this properly in the portable version of Gimp from I'm thinking it's using the same random seed each time for some reason.

You can try the old version :
Both versions can be installed without interfering.
You should ignore the warnings of Gimp 2.7.

It has the old problem where it always tries to fill using material from the upper left of the image. So unfortunately it's useless for most images. But I don't remember which files I downloaded back when to get it to work properly, or what version of GIMP I was using.

... that's precisely what I needed for a project I'm working on.

bootchk, how about that 2.0 package in the Github (
Is it a new version?

Well, I've downloaded and compiled it to work with my 64-bit system here.
It is working (with results not as "ready" as the ones given by the very first version but is ok).

I'm posting to report an observation about "make install". It:
1) moved the pythons scripts to /usr/local/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins
2) moved the binaries to /usr/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins
However, this way only Resynthesize was avaiable inside GIMP - no filters under Enhance.

I moved all files (both binaries and scripts) to /home/user/.gimp-2.6/plug-ins, and now all other Enhance Filters appear to me (Heal Selection, Uncrop etc).

Thank you, bootchk!

Thanks for continuing the Resynthesizer project!
I think the 1.0 plugin is not working properly. Using the plugin v0.16 and v1.0 (2011-09-12 from Git) with similar configurations, with 1.0 I do not get good results. The settings were the default in both, but unchecking the options "Make horizontally tileable" and "Make tileable vertically." I attached an example of the results obtained when trying to remove the rectangle from the center of the image:

Tested on Kubuntu. v0.16 with Gimp 2.6.11 and v1.0 with Gimp 2.7.3

The new resynthesizer plugin has introduced new commands, and the old command of Filter->Map->Resynthesize has changed its meaning.

To get the previous behavior you have to use "Filters->Enhance->Heal selection".

Thank you. Now I'd like to read about how the old dialogue works and how is used in v1.0.

Thank you VERY much for Resynthesizer ! I use it not very often but when I use it - it is very useful ! Really great job ! Thanks !

(Sorry, but I guess I didn't hit "reply" to your last post, so it put my reply here, with no recourse to move it.)

Thank you!

Are glib-gettextize, gimp-2.0 and gimpui-2.0 necessary?

By the way, it appears that something is wonky with the github page. On the page that you linked, I had been clicking on that "downloads" button with javascript disabled, and it took me to showing the message: "Sorry, there aren't any downloads for this repository." That message is misleading.

Had you not provided a link with instructions on clicking the very same button, I would have never wondered why the "downloads" button worked for you, while, for me, it simply gave a message that there were no downloads in the repository. I enabled javascript, and I got a dialog box with the choice of downloading a tarball or a zipball.

However, after I downloaded the tarball using the button on the dialog box, I disabled javascript and clicked again on the "downloads" button in the page you linked, and it took me to yet a different page: This new page contains download links to the tarball and zipball, and it seems to work regardless of whether javascript is enabled or disabled.

Someone should look into fixing the confusing/misleading page(s).



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