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Remove Timestamp

I am trying to remove time stamps from pictures and on some it removes cleanly right away. But most the time, it erases pieces of the time and if do again it "removes" the whole screen to the checkered screen. I am trying to do this by following the steps here, My other issue is, I do not know how to do steps 6-9.

1)select the area with the timestamp (manually but optional)
2)elect the color of the timestamp in your selection
3)add alpha channel to layer (transparent background)
4)remove the timestamp
5)duplicate the layer to background
6)interchange pixels near the timestamp gap (multiple times)
7)meld the pixels a bit
8)duplicate the layer with offset around the gap (multiple times)
9)merge all layers together


If you want quicker help, its best to post your questions for the relevant script/plug-in, instead of making a new post.

Are you wanting to remove timestamps in batch mode or just for a few images, individually? You could always use the clone tool or resynsthesizer - Smart remove selection (aka Heal Selection).

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The tutorial:

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