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Circular Grids

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This script will make a grid of circles. You input the diameter of the circles, the number of circles in the X and Y directions, the space between the edges of the circles, and if you want the circles in a rectangular or a hexagonal grid. The two attached images show pictures of the default rectangular and hexagonal grid created by this script. The circles and background can be any colors. This script could be useful for selection masks, making pictures of bubble wrap, or lots of other things that I haven't thought of!

The script shows up in the Filters/SambrookJM menu in GIMP, but this can be changed by editing the last line in the .scm file. Copy this into your GIMP scripts directory, and it should work just fine. If anyone has any problems or suggestions, let me know and I'll try to fix it.


Update #3 - Now with circle, square, hexagonal and octagonal goodness! I got rid of the earlier versions of the script, so the one posted here is the correct one. Diamonds will probably be a different script, since there are several other variables that are specific to diamonds that aren't used by the other shapes.

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Octagons are now a part of the script, as well as the circles, squares, and hexagons. As I mentioned above, diamonds will probably be a different script, since there are several other variables specific to diamonds that would make an even bigger mess of the script window.

There was a little bit of a clean-up to the script as well, so hopefully that didn't break anything.

Thanks a bunch!

I took most of the suggestions in the forum here, and put them in the script. The Voronoi patterns are still way beyond what I can do, though. :-(

I put in the code for squares and hexagons, so you can make grids out of hose two shapes now. Everything else should still work...hopefully.

Wow! Nice! Are you still working on diamonds and octagons? Thanks, Sam.

I provided code for square/diamond/hex and octogons here:

You can just add an option script to the plugin and choose the one you want.

-Rob A>

The code for the diamonds is pretty simple, though. That only gives diamonds that are essentially tilted squares. The diamond script I'm trying to work on lets you choose the angle at the top of the diamonds, rather than locking it in at 90 degrees.

I've got an updated version of this circular script, with a lot of new features. It's posted here as JMS-Grid_TwoCircles.scm

Is it possible to also create grids for hexagons, octagons, diamonds, etc.?

See here:

Nice to see my work getting some notice! :-) I was working on a separate hex/triangle grid script. I'll post it when I get a chance.

Diamonds should be very easy to do. Octagons will have a little bit of empty space in the plane, since they don't tesselate, so there will be some small squares in the picture.

nice useful script sambrookjm! :)
Is it possible to add to the script the ability to create different sized circles all at one time?


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