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Lighting Effect plug-in help

I am trying to create text with a golden effect with the lighting effects plug-in. I have a gray-scale image of my text (white on a black background), an environment map of the golden texture, and a blank RGB image open. I attempt to apply the lighting effect plug-in to the blank image but the text layer of the text image is not available for selection. I have attached the text image and the environment map. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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In the lighting effects dialog box, the background layer of the text image is available but not the layer image. I merged the two layers but then the texture was applied to the entire image, not just the text.

open a new image and fill with black
Now type the text you want in white and merge it to the black layer
Now select Image/Mode/Gray scale
Now go to your cjhannels layer and right click the only layer there and duplicate it...leave it invisible
Now go to Filters/Decor/Stencil Chrome - run at default
Now make the top layer invisible you should have something like this


Error: Procedure execution of gimp-image-add-layer failed on invalid input arguments: Image 'Untitled' (10) is of type 'gray', but an image of type 'rgb' is expected

I got the above error. The environment map (the one I created) is RGB. You had me chang the text image to grayscale (I tried again after changing it back and got the same error.)

Not sure why I'm having so much trouble with this, it seems simple.

have to make sure you merge the white text into the black background (all in one layer)
then go to image/mode/greyscale
then duplicate the CHANNEL , not the layer
then go back to the layers dialog and select your layer again
now run filters/decor/stencil to chrome
use all the default settings...then delete the top layer, or make it invisible.

Also be sure and change the image mode back to RGB for future works :)

Change Image mode to RGB - (Image - Mode - RGB)

Changing the image mode from grayscale to RGB on the text image did not work. The other images were already RGB. The background layer of the text file is available for selection but not the text layer which is what I want to apply the bump map/environment map to.

On the text layer, right click and select Layer to Image size.

I also ran the image through Lighting Effects on my own, and the resulting image was fairly jagged, but using Anisotropic smoothing via G'MIC really cleaned it up considerably. If you've never used G'MIC, I suggest you give it a try. It's a great plug-in.

When I did 'Layer to Image' size, the text layer was then available for selection but the resulting image (after mapping) was just the golden background without the text showing. I need to apply the environment to the text.

Took me a little while to figure this out (I wasn't paying attention to the obvious).

You can't have a transparent text layer. Duplicate the background layer, and merge the text layer down on to it, then try Lighting Effects again.

Remember to have it in RGB mode and make the text layer (Layer to image size) as mentioned before.

Hope this helps.

There is a tutorial on my site for doing something similar, but with an object rather than text:

This should provide a step by step of using the lighting effects plugin that may help.

-Rob A>

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