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Selection bevel

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Selection bevel v1.5330.14 KB
Selection bevel v2.230.91 KB
Selection bevel v2.330.9 KB

New version of selection bevel released. Bugs of the last version have been fixed, and additionally a new feature added: now you can adjust the width and height of the bevel independently, creating neat effects where the bevel is thinner on some edges, or uneven.

v2.3 - Another update, at a short interval. This update has improved shape curves and gloss algorithms. The gloss setting no longer makes the "unbeveled" parts of the bevel darker, and the shape curves should look more natural now. Note that the shape curve setting now has a smaller scale, from -64 to 64, so you'll want to find new values that work for you.

I've also removed deprecated functions for futureproofing. The sad news is, that this means the future versions of this plugin no longer works for 2.6, but I'm re-enabling the download of an older version for those who still are forced to use that ancient version of GIMP... ;)

So: v1.53 is only for legacy versions - it should work in 2.6 and possibly older versions of GIMP.
edit: I've enabled the download of v2.2 again - if v1.53 doesn't work for some reason, try v2.2 - it might work in 2.6, or it might not...

If you're on an up-to-date version (2.8 or higher), use v2.3.

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It was already selected by the text tool but I did as you asked.
And I set the layer mode to normal.
The result is a gray "halo" around the text but the text itself no change.
Sorry but I don't know what else to do.

If the bevel is all gray, try setting the "depth" setting higher. Somewhere around 25 usually works for me.

Try also setting the "light elevation" setting lower.

Also, if you want the bevel to be in the shape of the text, you need to make a selection in the shape of the text. Use "alpha to selection" on the text layer first, then apply the bevel.

Then you can try different layer modes for the bevel. Hard light usually works best, although grain merge can also be nice.

Yes now it works.
Thanks dd.

You're welcome...

also, for what it's worth, I'm trying to set the default settings on the next version to optimal levels so that you can use this script "right out of the package".

Ok, sorry for making these rapid-fire updates, but all of the initial problems should be pretty much fixed now.

If anyone encounters any further problems / glitches, please let me know. Thanks.

here is a similar script I wrote a while back:

-Rob A>

Nice script, I'll have to try it out sometime.

I am using Ubuntu 10.04 64 and the plug-in works, but you must make a selection first.

Installed the script and tried a run through, but the script doesn't finish with anything. It is doing something, but it's not being revealed.

I tried it (minus the .txt extension) and it worked for me.


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