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Selection bevel

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Selection bevel v1.5330.14 KB
Selection bevel v2.230.91 KB
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New version of selection bevel released. Bugs of the last version have been fixed, and additionally a new feature added: now you can adjust the width and height of the bevel independently, creating neat effects where the bevel is thinner on some edges, or uneven.

v2.3 - Another update, at a short interval. This update has improved shape curves and gloss algorithms. The gloss setting no longer makes the "unbeveled" parts of the bevel darker, and the shape curves should look more natural now. Note that the shape curve setting now has a smaller scale, from -64 to 64, so you'll want to find new values that work for you.

I've also removed deprecated functions for futureproofing. The sad news is, that this means the future versions of this plugin no longer works for 2.6, but I'm re-enabling the download of an older version for those who still are forced to use that ancient version of GIMP... ;)

So: v1.53 is only for legacy versions - it should work in 2.6 and possibly older versions of GIMP.
edit: I've enabled the download of v2.2 again - if v1.53 doesn't work for some reason, try v2.2 - it might work in 2.6, or it might not...

If you're on an up-to-date version (2.8 or higher), use v2.3.

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Im using Gimp 2.6.11 and Python 2.6.5. Ive made sure to remove the ".txt" from the file name. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled Gimp and Python several times. No matter what I do I cant get Gimp to recognize Bevel 2.1. In frustration I tried Bevel 1.53 and it worked on the first install.

error or problem trying to load bytes and pixels wordtart python file.

Major update! With new features, lots of bugs and glitches fixed.

- Completely rewritten rendering. The bevel is created differently now, giving more consistent results, resulting in less artifacts for wide bevels.
- Removed options "feather" and "pre-blur" as redundant, with the new rendering these aren't necessary.
- The gloss option is now adjustable, with a 0-10 scale. 5 corresponds to the old gloss function. 6-10 gives even more gloss, may cause weird results... the gloss is now also applied before the blur, to give a smoother result when it is used.
- Added option "intersect with alpha": when enabled, the alpha channel of the active layer is intersected with the selection to get the bevel shape. You can see an example in the 2nd screenshot, where a rectangular selection was used. Without this option, only the selection is used, as usually.
- After using preview, the final bevel no longer appears at the top of the layer stack. The bevel layer now always appears above the active layer. If no layer is active, the bevel appears at the top of the stack.

How do I download and install this plugin? I am new to Gimp and have no clue how to work with its plugins. Thanks.

For those guys who are having problems installing and in GIMP, follow these steps:
1. Download and
2. After which, open the files using Notepad++ (I'm using Notepad++ v.6.4.1)
(Do not use the system/default Notepad as it won't work)
3. Click on File> Save as
4. DO NOT RENAME THE FILE. Simply click on the drop-down selection in the "Save as type" and choose Python File (*.py, *.pyw)
5. Save it.
6. Now, highlight the files you just saved and cut it
7. Then go to your GIMP folder directory. (By the way, I'm using GIMP portable)
8. From here, go to <2.0>
9. Paste the files in this folder.
10. Done!
11. Now open GIMP, got to ... It should be there.

That's it!

If you're using windows, you need to install python and then reinstall gimp so that the python package is included. There's a tutorial on installing python-gimp for windows here:

I downloaded and installed Python and GTK as directed and I still do not have the bevel. Is there anything else I need to do?

By the way, yes I am using Windows XP.

Python for Windows is hit and miss for installing, because we don't know what all you have done versus what you need to do. It's not a simple matter of just simply installing Python and then everything miraculously works, you also have to re-install GIMP so that the program can find the Python modules when installing, etc.

If you have done all that is mentioned in the comment I linked to, and you have Python console showing in the GIMP menu under Filters, etc., then it's a matter of where the file is placed and whether or not it needs to have permissions (admin rights) activated for it.

I hope this helps.

I followed the instructions very closely how to install both Python and PGK. Yes, Python-Fu is in the Filters menu but all that shows is console.

Thanks for all the help. It was very much appreciated.

wait there is also a bug in the registry software so a damn .txt extension is automatically added to all new script hosted as example become
I think is this your problem, to solve just remove the .txt extension


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