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Gimp Text when small appears blurry

I've been creating a lyrics page for a band's album. When I use fonts that are say 40 or smaller they appear blurry. Why is this and how can I sharpen them? I am using 300 ppi. I tried using paths to create text but at this size it STILL came out blurry. I'm at my wits end here. Any suggestions?


Can you link to a screenshot of your blurred text so comparisons can be made, or submit an .xcf file?

Ok you can see the drafts at and the back of the lyrics page is at
Keep in mind these files when printed are 18.93 in x 4.75 in. Also, I am not asking about the hand drawn stuff. That, I can clean up. I'm only wondering about how to sharpen the text.

They're kind of big files so they might take a minute to load. Thnks for the help.

BTW is there a way to submit an .xcf file through this site? I would have rather done that, but I didn't know how to do it.

You can host a file on an image hosting website, or your own website if you have one.

I just looked at the images, and at 100% the text looks fine. Am I overlooking something? Were you referring to the song titles?

Ok. At 100% it looks fine but do you think it will print out ok? My screen is about 20" wide and when I look at the page at 23.5%, which makes the draft more or less 18.93 inches (the length that it will be on printout), it looks blurry. Do you feel it will print clear if it looks good at 100%?

Just an off the wall suggestion: Take the image file to a print shop like Kinko's, etc, and have one mock-up printed up to check. Not sure what the pricing is on color copies, but using a home printer will consume a lot of black ink, which is more costly. I can't guarantee that a bitmap will print out perfectly.

An alternative is to use a vector program like Inkscape to create your text layer for printing, and then apply an overlay layer for the graphics.

Maybe some others might have some useful ideas on improving the text for print.

you da man mahvin thanks, and i am open to anyone else chiming in

Do you feel it will print clear if it looks good at 100%?

Yes. Your printer's resolution will be at least four times the resolution of your monitor (more likely ten times or greater). When you view the image on your screen at 100%, you are basically seeing what will be printed, only four (or 10) times larger.

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