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Glossy Button 1 windows 7

I installed Glossy Button 1 plugin from . I put it where the person who make it but it dose not show up in gimp 2.6.11 under windows 7 32 bit I email the person who made the plugin . He told me it works just fine under winxp sp2 . it is a *.py file . The web site says to put it here C:/Program Files/GIMP-2.0/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins . Has any one got it to work under 7 ?

May work with 7 BUT Windows version of Gimp do not support Python script out of the box

In case you think worth add python support (that means run 4 installers and then reinstall gimp ) you may uise this pack
(step by step how to is included )

You have to install Python 2.6
and then install the python-fu packages
RE-start your computer
- then re-install Gimp-2.6.11
If you already have Python-2.6 installed then you probably need to show Gimp where your python is.
You can do that by adding a path variable. (Start/Control Panel/System/Advanced/Environment Variables/ find path in the list and add paths to your python install bin and lib folders.

Python 2.7 will NOT work with Gimp-2.6.11 so make sure you install Python 2.6
Gimp-2.7.1 and 2.7.2 need Python -2.7 to work.

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