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Volume Express..for simple tiles

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This script-fu (created mainly from the script "add-bevel.scm" which is installed by default) adds to an existing layer, a layer composed of squares or rectangles (size of your choice) in shades of gray but with bevels. The goal is to facilitate the creation of pavements with a little "volume". arfff. Difficult to explain -_-'

You can find "00 - Volume Express..for simple tiles" in Filters>2D Isometric-Fu>

A picture is better than a thousand explanations:

With a little work and once turned into isometry (with another script):

EDIT: New version of the script => v1.1

GIMP Version: 
Scripting Engine: 


froGgy, there's a slight issue with the script. You can set the values of tilewidth, tileheight, and thickness such that there's no selection before the index>thickness condition is met. This ends up painting your whole tile white, which means the bump map does nothing.

It's a fairly easy fix to make. I'll send you a copy of the fixed script so you can upload it, since I can't post an attachment to this comment.

Thank you sambrookjm for your correction :)

New version of the script: v1.1
- sambrookjm fixed the issue of bumpmap for certain values of tilewidth, tileheight and thickness.
(example: Tile's width: 20, Tile's height: 20, Thickness: 20)
- I added a debug option because I think this bug is interesting. ;)
- I fixed the problem of the plug-in-tile that happened, for example, when the tile size was equal to that of the image.

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