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Error Messages

Hi Guys:

I've got a set of scripts that keep popping up with an error message that says: "Error while executing script-fu-galaxy....Error: quotient: argument1 must be: integer". This happens with a number of scripts the same way every time. My OS is Win 7 with the GIMP 2.6.11. Being a newly retired steel hauler, I'm fairly stupid about how to use most of these and I know it's something I'm doing or not doing that's causing the error messages. I am trying to teach myself about graphic art and design, but it's a slow go. I have no idea what Error: quotient: argument 1 must be: integer means so any help you could send to this old newbie would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Are all the scripts saying this or just a few? Can you point out the names of these scripts?

thanks for responding. It's not all the scripts I have, some work fine. That,s how I know they're installed correctly. 5 of them are SambrookJM'sBrick Wall,Galaxy,Planet Rings, Planet Setup, & Lightning Gate. In my system they are located under Images/Filters/SambrookJM/. They all go through their cycle before I get the error message, so they're trying to work, I'm just not doing something right.I wonder if I have to get an alpha image in the window 1st.I just don't know. It also does it on some of the other scripts as well but I know they work for other people.
Thanks again

The best method to request help on scripts is to post a comment/question on the page the script is posted (where you downloaded it from). That way the author of the script (or plug-in) can help you solve the problems you are having. Plus, it would be wise to read the comments on those pages to see if other users are having the same or similar problems.

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