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Fuse layers

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fuse-layers-0.1.scm4.22 KB

This script will join together all the layers of an image into a new image.
Useful for creating sprite sheets.

It will appear under Filters -> Combine -> Fuse layers.

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Some background: I like to have my animation frames/images in one big image (aka sprite sheet). My particular usage is for 2D Animation in Unity's Game Engine (for a book I'm just finishing!) This script saved me a bunch of time. I can now create animations in Layers and onion-skin using the Opacity setting (temporarily) from the Layers Dialog. Then I use "fuse-layers" that arranges the layers into one larger single image, ready to animate!

It is very easy to use , having just one input field "Layers on the X axis". This field is the number of horizontal images or columns. The resulting number of rows is given by the number of layers in your original image divided by the columns you choose, resulting in a nice grid-like arrangement of your images in one single image. I am using it with transparency and png.

This script is great!

Thank you "coz",


It's been years, but I'm glad someone found a use for my script!

where the difference from
Edit/copy visible
Edit/paste as/ new image ?

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