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Slinky is a python plugin that generates a sine wave following an existing path. The sine wave can be spread between two paths to create a coil perspective around another object.

Slinky is available here:

GIMP Version: 
Code License: 


Why is wrapmap under Multimedia>graphics at Sourceforge, but Slinky is not. I visit Sourceforge daily and look at the link below to see what new graphic programs (and multimedia, but really eye filter for the graphic packages) are available but slinky is not. Just curious. :)

Oversight... fixed. Thanks for reporting.

I have just uploaded v0.2 to sourceforge. It implements a radical rewrite of the end-of-stroke processing that should fix most problems.

Hope you don't mind that I shared this cool plugin at GIMPTalk ofnuts; they are up right now. Version .2 is extremely stable. Now to add other features like sawtooth and triangle (or even f(x); do I ask for too much?). lol


Well, if you can put an advertisement on the Times Square billboard I won't mind either.

Hmm. Triangle, sawtooth, square, should be easy. Arbitrary f(x), I have to check what python can do (has it got an eval() equivalent?). I would also look into modulating the amplitude with an f(x).

Playing with this atm, still testing it against all path varieties. Handles single paths well, a little rough around the edges with multiple paths (text paths). Currently testing paths rendered with curve and warp plug-ins.

Good job, ofnuts! I hope you have good flood insurance with a clause for rain dance protection. ;)

Strange Mahvin. I know you created the render yesterday, but the date posted is the 13th (unless you edited your post; that's got to be it). Still cool result and use for this cool python plugin as I inferred at GIMPChat. :)

Instead of making a new post, I edited my original one. :)

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