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Extending libgimp


As I am continuing to develop plugins in C using the libgimp library, I am discovering ways in which the built-in functions could be usefully modified, and/or added to.  For example:

1) gimp_scale_entry_new () : Add an argument gboolean mnemonic indicating whether or not the label's text is mnemonic - in which case that it is (mnemonic == TRUE), then the function sets the resulting spin button as the label's mnemonic widget.

2) gimp_color_scale_entry_new () : This function (in its present form) is not very useful. There needs to be an argument GimpColorSelectorChannel channel to be passed to the color scale constructor. Currently, the code sets the channel to GIMP_COLOR_SELECTOR_VALUE. Furthermore, besides returning a pointer to spin button's adjustment object, the function also needs to return the pointer to the color scale object so that it's color can be set as needed. For this, I recommend adding the argument GtkWidget **color_scale

3) Create a new function gimp_viewable_dialog_new (). Many built-in GIMP dialogs are of the specialized type GimpViewableDialog. It would be nice for plugin authors to have access to this dialog widget where appropriate. (see: Viewable Dialog)

What I propose is to write my own libgimp sub-library and to provide it on this site as an optional extension to the standard GIMP installation, and write plugins which may require this sub-library. I am thinking along the lines of C++-boost with respect to stl C++. This way, libgimp could be extended for plugin authors and users without modifying the existing library. I invite others to do the same. Perhaps this can be a useful way for plugin developers to demonstratively suggest modifications to future releases of libgimp

Any thoughts on this idea?

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