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Brush fade-in effect

GIMP comes with the usual brush fade-out capability but is there a way to make a brush fade-in (i.e., go from full transparency to full opacity) over a user-specified distance? Is there a script or plug-in that I have not stumbled across? It strikes me as a functionality that could come in handy.

You can use a brush set to use a gradient, and set your FG to Transparency to be reversed, and even set the length of your gradient path. Only one problem with this: the length you set deals with the entire path length and not how long you want your fade in to be. If you want your fade in to be longer in duration, use % instead of px for length. For example, set the length to 100%, then test your brush. For shorter fade transitions, lower the length %.

Nice thinking outside the box! If this site allowed me to award your response points, I would.

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