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Plugin grouping

Is there any way an option could be added that would allow the plugins to be sorted in a different way? I would like to be able to sort by number of times downloaded or by category. I realize that there is a popular content section, but still.... Each time I visit this site its like digging through a huge pile to find something interesting. I don't always know what I am looking for, and because its such a mess I feel like I am probably missing some great plugins. I would think that download counters would generally bring the best to the top.

Sorry Ingo. I didn't realize my post from over a year ago about me complaining about the same thing would still be so close to the top. Maybe instead of complaining I could help. I'm not very familiar with Drupal but I'm sure I could learn. I also have all the time in the world. So maybe I could put together a couple of ideas for you to look at?

Click the popular content link on your left pane. That gives you the most viewed content: plug-ins, scripts, and pages. Overall and Today's are the options at the top of the Popular Content page.

Unfortunately, there isn't a suitable category option, other than using "Search". I wish there was such a categorical line up for plug-ins and scripts based on the GIMP menus.

Glossary is A to Z. Not useful unless you know what you are looking for.

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