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Ghost Diagrams.

I found a cool Python Script ( from the author of Resynthesizer. The weird thing about this script is that it isn't a GIMP Python plugin but heavily requires GTK and other GIMP components and the only way I could get it to work is to place it in GIMP's Plugin directory and then it will only run when launching GIMP (GIMP won't finish launching until you finish using the filter; lol). I can't figure out how to run it using the Python console unfortunately, but maybe you gurus can. It can create pretty cool patterns imo. I put it in the GIMP Scripts and Plugins thread since it does require GIMP to work (but again, I could only get it to work when launching GIMP; how weird is that). I made it a seamless texture by using Mehdi's Kaleidoscope filter. :)

Click here ( for this image's Deviant. :)

there is also a web version, same link

I do like the web version PC; it even exports vector SVG output, but it doesn't give results like the Python version (which I sort of like the center lines for whatever reason). Still weird that it only will run with GIMP but not inside GIMP. lol


in windows xp by placing the python file in a separate folder with certain dll files.Then just store the folder somewhere convenient and create a shortcut to the python file.You can find all the necessary dll files in Gimps bin folder.
more info here -


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