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Sprite tape & de-tape

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Based on sprite tape - 0.3, these two scripts are complementary.

sprite-tape converts multiple "frames" (think animation frames) one per layer to an image of an array of "frames" in a single layer with a specified gutter between frames. sprite_tape-0.4 differs from 0.3 in the way that the gutter between frames is created.

sprite-detape converts an image with a single layer of frames into an image with one frame per layer. The user must specify the size of the gutter and the number of rows and columns of frames in the image. The script will calculate the size of a single frame, and reduce the image size accordingly. This script can be easily modified to de-tape the results of sprite tape - 0.3 if desired.

sprite-detape is useful if you have taped-out sprites that need to be reorganised or laid out in a different geometry. (ie. convert a 4x2 taped-out sprite to an 8x1).

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