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Charcoal Layer FX

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charcoal-layer-FX.scm6.69 KB

Script-Fu Charcoal-Layer-FX v1.0 by Micomicon March 2011

A Gimp script which takes the effect from my Charcoal script and adds it as a layer or layers. NB. Does not require charcoal.scm to be installed.

Opening the Layers Dialog and scrolling through the layer modes afterwards can produce some interesting results akin to adding a watercolour wash, the strength of which can be varied by adjusting the opacity slider.

Thanks to mahvin for this change of direction.

To install (Linux):
Download and move the script file charcoal-layer-FX.scm to /yourhome/.gimp-2.x/scripts.

Charcoal-Layer-FX will be available the next time you start the Gimp and can be found in the menu IMAGE / FILTERS / ARTISTIC.

Works on any RGB or grayscale image but note that adding chalk will fail if applied to a layer which does not contain any image or contains an image with too limited a tonal range ie. "Add chalk highlights" won't work if there is nothing to make the chalk highlights from.

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Removed the old one and kept this one. Thanks. :)

Assuming that you'd want to, you can have both installed as they don't conflict with each other.

Good job, micomicon! And many thanks. :)

My pleasure - thanks for the idea :-)

Sorry it took me so long. I seem to be leading three lives at the moment - mine and two other people's plus I moved house last week! Got there eventually though.

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