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This is an attempt to automate making a galaxy via GIMP. I'd seen a few excellent tutorials, but none that could be easily automated. One of the resulting pictures is attached to this page.

The galaxy can have any number of arms, and they can have varying degrees of curvature. Very high degrees of curvature will result in an elliptical galaxy rather than a spiral. Stars can be added, and the galaxy can be set to have any perspective or color.

This script uses the Outer Glow function from the layer effects script found elsewhere on this site. The Outer Glow script (and the sub procedures) have already been added to my galaxy script. Their names have been changed to make sure there are no conflicts with the original layer effects script, in case you also have that installed.

The script is under the "/Filters/SambrookJM/" menu in GIMP, although that can be changed by editing the last line of the script to put it wherever you want it to go.

As always, if you've got any suggestions, improvements, or comments (or if it's not working for you) go ahead and post them. One thing that can happen is that if the galaxy color is too bright, some of the other details can be washed out. Try to decrease the brightness of the top two layers to counteract this.

[edit] Yeah, I screwed up. There were a couple of scripts that I didn't copy over from the layer effects script. I thought refreshing the scripts on my GIMP would flush them out of the memory after I removed that script file. It didn't. My fault, 100%. This new script should fix things.

gerard82, I think figured out what your problem was. The problem was in the (rand 4000000000) statement. For some reason, Linux versions of GIMP don't like the random number being that high. I lowered the maximum possible random number to 1000000000, which allowed me to run this script (and the brick wall one) on a Ubuntu 10.10, 64-bit build. Try this and the Brick Wall script (soon to be updated) and see if that works.

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Hi James

I'm a newbie and was wondering exactly what steps I have to execute in GIMP 2.6 on my Windows 7 in order to make your scripts work. They are installed correctly because other ones with the same file extension work . (.scm). This is the error message I'm getting:  "Error while executing script-fu-galaxy""Error: quotient: argument 1 must be: integer". The scripts of yours I have are Brick Wall, Galaxy, Gas Giant, Lightning Gate, Planet Rings, and Planet Setup. They all go through their cycle 1st before I get the same error message. There are a few other ones in Filters that I've tried with the same result, so I know it's something that I'm not doing.  just don't know what. And I don't know what "Error quotient: argument 1 must be: integer" means. Please help.



Thanks for the quick answer! I needed a While to understand that you changed the script. But now it works verry fine. You're a good one!

Changed scripts but I am now getting another error: not enough arguments.

Any idea? I use Linux Mint 9 and changed the location of the script.

Does the error message say which command is giving you the not enough arguments error? If not, what is the last command that showed up on the script window before the error showed up?

When I try to use the script, the error window only states the following:


Error while executing script-fu-galaxy:
Error: not enough arguments

The script doesn't start or do anything.

Do you have any other scripts that went by the name galaxy in your script-fu folders? If so, try renaming them as .txt, quitting and restarting GIMP, and see if that fixes the problem.

What values were you using when you got this error? Or does it take place each time you try to run the script?

It freezes in Gentoo Linux just like the Brick Wall script.
Looks like these scripts will only work in Windows.

Ubuntu 10.10 amd64. It gets to 'gimp-image-add-layer' then seems to stop while still pegging one of my CPU cores at 100%.

I tried small (100x100) and large (2000x2000) base images. Unfortunately I don't know scheme/LISP so I can't really say what the problem is...

It freezes at exactly the same spot in my Gentoo 64 Linux.
I didn't check cpu usage I just quit.

I think the problem was with linux GIMP not liking a (rand 4000000000) statement. I lowered the number to a more reasonable value, and that let me run it on a 64-bit Ubuntu 10.10 machine. Please try downloading the script again, and see if it works now.


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