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stroke path issue version 2.6

Any known bugs on the stroke path tool ? For some reason, every time I try to use a stroke path, whether it is for a line or otherwise, nothing ever happens.

I am new to GIMP, so not sure if I am doing something wrong, but when I try to follow "step by step" it does not work for me.....any insight would be greatly appreciated. thank you :)


What GIMP version are you using? What is your operating system? Windows XP, Vista, 7, Linux?

Define the steps you take to "stroke a path". Are you right clicking a path in the path dialog box? Are you clicking "Stroke Path" under the Edit menu?

For starters, you will need to have a path created, and selected in your Path dialog box for either option to work. In the Path Dialog, you right click a path and select an option from the right context menu that pops up. For the Edit - Stroke Path option to work properly, make sure you have the path you want stroked highlighted in the Path dialog box. If you only have one path, it should work without needing to do anything.

I am not aware of any bugs with the Stroke Path option. You could have a bad install of GIMP.

Ahhh, mahvin, thanks......well, I'm using gimp 2.6.11 version & windows xp......I tried working the stroke using a paintbrush, and got that to work, but not the line, I just read something about needing to make the foreground color the color you want the line to be, perhaps I wasn't paying attention and had it set the same, so it became basically "invisible".....I will go back, and try it, along with your suggestions here.....

But, before, I did have the path dialog box open, and selected, and it was the only path, yet, I never got it to work. It's also confusing to know which "stroke path" option to use, the right click one, the one in the tool box, the one in the path box itself (little icons/buttons at bottom)....and up in the menu at the top of the screen lol ......but, once I get this learned & accomplished. I will be dangerous with the stroke function! ;p

I still cannot get the script-fu thing to come up, doing the "refresh scripts" thing on the menu at the top....I did the steps exactly as that video by GIMPtricks (I've seen her on the GIMPchat forum as well) but it just never loaded. I restarted the gimp program, still nothing (even re-downloaded gimp).....I didn't have trouble installing different brushes (even photoshop brushes) but script-fu is a mystery. If you know about this, I'd appreciate your input....I think you are the resident gimp-guru mahvin ! :))))

I realize this might sound like I am being picky, but in order to help, I need you to paint the picture of the problem with words so I can better understand it via text information. What is the script-fu thing? Is it one single script? What is the name of the script (nameofscript.scm). Also, describe what you did with the script prior to refreshing via Filters - Script-Fu - Refresh Scripts (i.e. where did you put this file prior to refreshing).

GIMPTricks does great videos, so I'm uncertain where your problem might be with Script-Fu. I wouldn't be uninstalling GIMP and reinstalling, until you know for certain its a buggy or bad install.

The only way you will see Script-Fu in the top image menu is to have a script in your scripts folder that loads there.
Go search shape paths in the registry here, and you will find a scm file that will load a script-fu menu in your image menu and under it will be the filter shape paths.
Most of the newer scripts load into either /Filters, or one of the Filters sub menus.

Alternatively you can open any scm script you want in a top image menu called Script-Fu and create it like this -
Find this line in a scm script -
(script-fu-menu-register "script-fu-brickwall" <---- never mind this line example only
"< Image >/Filters/Render/")

and change it to this

(script-fu-menu-register "script-fu-brickwall" <---- never mind this line example only
"< Image >Script-Fu/")

Hope that helps. :)

thank you wacmaster, I shall try this. sometimes, the obvious is not apparent to a newbie lol

btw, has anyone had trouble getting into Gimp Chat ?? the whole site is down with an error msg "too many users" etc.

okay, thanks again for the help here

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