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alpha to logo all greyed out

when i tried to create neon glow. filters/alpha tologo, they wrere all greyed out. so i refreshed scripts and they became active again. when i pressd neon it started but gave me an error message-- Plug-In 'Neon' left image undo in inconsistent state, closing open undo groups. and also---Error while executing script-fu-neon-logo-alpha:

Error: Procedure execution of gimp-curves-spline failed. what can i do to fix this

The problem is (most likely) that your image is using indexed color mode. The solution is to convert your image to RGB mode ("Image->Mode->RGB") before running the alpha to logo filter.

Note: after refreshing your scripts, the alpha to logo filters should still be grayed if your image is using indexed color mode. Unfortunately, there appears to be bug ( in the software which results in the menu commands being available when they shouldn't be (until you do something to change the image or view).


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