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Laso plug-in - object selection

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A common task solved during a work with raster images is a object selection. Results obtained from this task are used in a number of applications - from analysis of the growth of human settlements to automatic medical diagnosis. We bring new plug-in for program GIMP for object selection.

Laso plug-in uses active contours models. The solution is based on the original classic model of active contours, the extended model using a gradient vector field (GVF) and proposed improvements.

More at Laso plug-in homepage -

gimp-laso-plugin.zip86.35 KB
gimp-laso-win.zip105.64 KB
gimp-laso-share.zip67.71 KB
gimp-laso-cmake.zip912 bytes
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Looks interesting, but doesn't get built on Ubuntu 10.04 with GIMP 2.7 installed:

What I did is fetched and unpacked -dev and -cmake packages, then copied cmake files to directory with -dev files, then ran 'cmake .' inside root -dev directory. So far it's the only GIMP plug-in around that doesn't want to be built :-/

Also, the -dev archive is missing the .pot template to translate user interface.

Thanks for comment and especially for make dump. I added Czech .po file, template will be soon.

CMake - yep, some libraries doesn't have own Find*.cmake files, so I tried to link them manually. But still some of them need to be linked into make files generated by CMake. So I will rewrite CMake files and test it more properly. Other way is to link all libraries manually.

Thanks for the interesting looking plugin.

I tried it with a few selections but couldn't get anything useful. Could you please put up a couple of examples, containing
- an image with an initial selection
- the parameters used in that example
- the image and selection after using the plugin


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