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Animation tools

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I made a plug-in in python that will give you some animation tools. It are just some simple script I made. Perhaps if people like it, I can make more.

The tools will be put in a main menu called "Anitools". Currently it contains three scripts:
- Add alpha to all layers
- Export all layers as PNG
- Rename all layers


(Images copyright/taken from SNES Donkey Kong Country)

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I don't understand how to use it :(

If you want to make a gif animation you will have all the images as layers. On these layers you can use the scripts. Lets say you open Gimp and copy the example barrel image into Gimp. You will see all the images/layers that are used for the animation. On these layers you can use this tool. For example:

slow down animation -> use the "Rename all layers" script and add the text (200ms). You can also use the text (replace) if the animation has alpha (transparent background). alpha can be added with the other script. of course you still need to manually remove the background color.

use the animation in Blender -> export all the the layers as PNG. you need to pick a location first.

Hope that helps a little...

Keep in mind it's a python script, so you need that working/installed.

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