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Cross-Process (Python version with options)

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OK - so I saw this plugin today:
Cross Processing (Xpro)
Which is based on this excellent tutorial by jEsuSdA:

After running through the tutorial, I decided to write another version of the plug-in with a few options.

This plug-in requires Python. If you have the 'Filters->Python-Fu->Console' menu item you are all set. If not, install Python support for GIMP.
The plugin can be found under Filters>Artistic>Cross-Process. Don't forget to make the plugin executable.

- Added contrast: how much extra contrast to add (the curves adjustment is going to increase the contrast somewhat, even if this is set to 0)
- Tint opacity: how much of the tint color to apply (0 applies no tinting)
- Tint color: the color value of the tinting
- Randomness: how much to "jitter" the curve adjustments. This is my favorite parameter - it sort of approximates the "fingers crossed" moment of subjecting film to (the wrong) chemicals and not being sure exactly what the final result will be ;) Set to 0 (the default) to disable.

Happy GIMPing!

v0.1 - initial release
v0.1.1 - fixed a bug caused by curve values falling outside of the 0-255 range.

Code License: 
GIMP Version: 
Scripting Engine: 


I updated my page to point at your implementation as well:

And thanks for your original. I would have just slapped some options on that, but I've never gotten around to learning LISP/Scheme. Plus I wanted to see how curve manipulation from Python was implemented...

where is the plugin to be found after installed ?

The plugin can be found under Filters>Artistic>Cross-Process. Don't forget to make the plugin executable.

I added that info to the description.

Adding few options does not change much, it is proposed to add a preview, in Python it is possible.No preview is still shooting at random.

Theorically possible,but in pratice i never saw a py script for gimp with a real preview.

i do think preview important but in this case i fear that add a preview would not be easier than rewrite everything in C

But i would like be proven wrong with a example on how to add a good preview to Python script, based on this script

You can go ahead and apply the settings to the image, giving you a preview of sorts but I skipped out on that for three reasons:
1 - would suck all the fun out of it ;)
2 - the 'randomness' parameter would require some weirdness (I think)
3 - performance

But hey - it's GPL so anyone can hack away on it :)

See here for a Python plugin with a preview:

i know that script and i believe is the only with some kind of preview, my point was that as now is hard implement a preview on scripts, and that even if done the result may be not too satisfying

that preview seems equivalent to just apply the script and undo if not happy, with the only difference that may be done without having to close and reopen the script...that is advantage but maybe no so great , if what expected is a good preview(where you may pan and zoom ) as may be offered by C plugin.

so basically i agree with you, the script work fine a.."python" preview will not help much,and anyway if somebody want improve the script he is free to do it

Very nice plug-in, thanks!

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