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Cross Processing (Xpro)

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Cross Processing Images in the Gimp

This script adds a cross processing effect to an image following the procedure developed by Jesús David and documented on his blog:

More details on the script can be found at

Example of image before cross processing:

Lincoln Continental



And after cross processing:



Lincoln Continental

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GIMP Version: 
Scripting Engine: 


I am somewhat new to the advanced technics of GIMP. I am trying to learn. I love this effect but I can't seem to find the actual plug in. Am I missing something? I have installed the python fu as directed but the script is not showing up in the artistic section of gimp. Can you help?

If you are indeed attempting to use the python version, as suggested in the last post below, can you tell us what OS you are using? If you're using Windows, do you know what Python version you have? If you are using Linux, have you given the .py file permission to execute?

I have windows 7 I am also fairly new to this as well. I have used xp for years. Giving permission may very well be my issue however I can't seem to figure out how to do that either. Thank you so much for the response. :)

Open GIMP and look for Python-Fu on your Filters menu. Do you see anything named Python-Fu in the menus?

I do, it is there the only option is console.

If you have this file ( in C:\Users\username\.gimp-2.6\plug-ins. Try renaming the file to by removing the .txt at the end, then restart GIMP.

I don't appear have either one of these files on my computer. I don't even see a user/username location. Did I do something wrong with the install?

On your hard drive, you have a C:\ drive. One of the folders is a Users folder, the username is your username (the name you chose to use to create your Windows account). For instance, my username is mahvin, so my single user GIMP folder would have been in C:\Users\mahvin\.gimp-2.6\

If you don't even have the file downloaded to your computer, why would you think it's not working? You have to have the file downloaded to your computer (to the right folder) in order for it to work. Check out my blog to get a better understanding of what I am talking about (pictures and screenshots, and a video):

That was my biggest problem, I couldn't figure out how to actually save the plug-in. Thank you so much your blog helped. I was coping and pasting the information above in the search box and it wasn't finding either file. I have now found the users file. I have tried saving it in the scripts folder (as directed below) and the plug in folder (separately) and it isn't working in either. I really can't seem to get this :( I really feel like an idiot. I am so sorry.

We've all been here before.

Just remember that:

.py files are plug-ins and go in the .gimp-2.6/plug-ins folder, and
.scm files are scripts and go in the .gimp-2.6/scripts folder. :)

If you ever encounter a file that has .txt after .py on the Registry (like seen here:, its due to the forum software (or something I am unaware of) adding the .txt to the end, so in most cases, just remove the .txt and the .py file should work fine.


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