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Identify Image Objects

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Gino D's GIMP Scripts:


This script is a small utility designed to adapt the name of each object (layer, channel or path) of an open image by replacing or extending it with a string containing mainly the object's ID, that is the unique integer number whereby the same object is identified within a GIMP session.

By this stratagem, the script allows to quickly obtain such identifiers listed in a convenient manner, side by side with the thumbnails representing the relevant image objects in the appropriate dialog. So that, it will become easier to trace layers, channels and paths whenever you need to run or test interactively (through the console) any Script-Fu procedure involving them, considering that the IDs are required as parameters indeed. If a layer is provided with a mask, the resultant name will contain, besides the layer's ID, the one of the layer mask too, with a dash separating them. In case of the presence of a floating selection, the respective ID will be appended, in rounded brackets, next to the ID of the drawable the floating selection belongs to.

Activating the script

Once installed, you can launch this script from the image menubar through "Image -> Identify Image Objects...".


Images to process
Allows you to choose whether the script shall affect the active image only (that is the image from which the script is launched) or every image currently open.
Method of renaming objects
Allows you to choose whether to keep or not, in the object's final name, the original name alongside the string containing the ID.
Rename Quick Mask as well (if any)
By checking this box, even the Quick Mask will be renamed according to the selected method, though this will cause such temporary mask to be transformed into a regular channel.

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  • Made the script fully compatible with GIMP 2.8, while maintaining the backward compatibility with the previous versions beginning from GIMP 2.6.10.
  • Now the script is also capable to rename the layers contained within any layer group.
  • Lots of improvements, cleanups and minor bug fixes.


  • Fixed a small flaw in the display of the progress bar.
  • Corrected the year in my copyright notice.
  • Improved and cleaned up the code.
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