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resynthesizer 0.16 plugin problems

I just installed the resynthesizer 0.16 plugin and the heal plugin also. I made the patch to the smart-remove.scm file. The heal tool seams to work fine but the resynthesizer tool is not performing nearly as well. I tried various settings within the resynthesizer tool and have yet to see any useable transformations. One image I the tool on was a red bricked lighthouse with a window midway up the structure. When I used the resynthesizer tool to remove the window, the area was replased with a murky darker brown colered area. I used the heal tool on the same and it worked fine. Am I missing something. I thought the resynthesizer tool was the more powerful plugin? Are there any patches to resynthesizer 0.16 that would clean up the functionality of this tool.

Any help is appreciated.

As far as I know, no one is maintaining this plug-in, although some have made attempts to upgrade it.

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