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B&P Word Art

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[UPDATE: 2012 APR 29]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Plugin was updated to work with Gimp 2.7+
Visit home page for details.
This plugin creates random text art based on a variety of settings. Pretty useful for backgrounds, packaging, whatever.

Download and full description on the home page.

Home page:


Note to developers:
This plugin contains a hacked gimpfu module, this is because of my inability to find a more elegant solution - I needed to customize widget interface/functionality.
If anyone can tell me how this can be achieved better, I'll be very thankful.

GIMP Version: 
Code License: 


Right click that py file in your plug-ins folder and under Properties - Permissions, check the box: "allow executing file as a program"?

What version of Gimp are you using? Do other Python plugins work?

In Gimp 2.7 on Linux/Ubuntu it is difficult to get python to work, it seems (I can't get it done either).

BTW: a hacked version of gimpfu??

Version 2.6 on Windows XP, Python 2.6
All python plugins I have tried are working fine.
At first I had a hard time making python work in GIMP, but then found some step-by-step guide to how to install all needed components, and it worked.

By 'hacked' i mean modified. See, I needed certain function changed in gimpfu, but if I import from it:
from gimpfu import *
it didn't work, so I actually have a copy of gimpfu pasted in, that allowed me to make necessary changes.

That works great under windows! Good job! BUT could somebody help making it working under LINUX UBUNTU 10.10
Das wäre gelacht,wenn jemand dabei helfen könnte, das plugin unter LINUX UBUNTU 10.10 zu benutzen!
Many thanks for help!

In theory should work also in linux ,since apparently the script doesn't use anything that is Windows only

What problem you had in linux ?
the most commune problem may be with paths, the formatting of paths is different in the 2 OS

PS please don't reply in German or i will never understand your reply

The most common problem with python scripts in Linux is that the user forgets to make them executable (chmod +x

I am sorry, I don't know nothing about UBUNTU or LINUX in general except for Apache, I have been on windows all my life (shame, I guess...).
Maybe some other developers out here can help you.
Thanks for the positive feedback on the plugin though!


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