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Looking for a certain script/plugin I lost.

I lost a lot of my scripts and I'm looking for a filter which created something like the following.
^I believe only the filter was just used a dark/light green background if that helps on what I mean.
I know it was called "feather".

I know it's a long shot, but it can't hurt to ask if someone knows of it.


Haven't seen that filter, looks interesting.
It seems like line segments, extruded from a base - almost like carpet fibers.
You could potentially create something similar as follows.

Create a blank image.

To get the line segments:
Filters...Render...Turing...Protoplasm in greyscale.
Filters...Distorts...Emboss : Emboss, Azimuth 90, Elevation 180, Depth 1
Colors...Threshold : Auto.
Part 1 Done

The Extrusion can be done in G'Mic
Filters...G'MIC...Rendering...3D Elevation ~ play with the settings.

You may need to recolourise the image.


Looks like output from one of the GIMPressionist presets, maybe even its Factory Default setting. See

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