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I've just downloaded Gimp 2.6 to my computer (I don't use Windows, I use something like Linux/Ubuntu) and I just don't know how to install Script-fu. HELP ME! I'm the worst with computers!


I'm into annimation and I have still drawings that I would like to annimate. I used the lasso function and get the "marching ants" around the section that I want to move. When I click on the rotate icon, then click and drag, I am able to move the section. However, the drawing of the section in its original place still remains with the marching ants surrounding it. I show the section in both positions. When I try to remove the original section, the section in the new position disappears. How can I move the section, get rid of the original section and save the image with the section in the new position?

Duplicate the layer, then on the top layer, after you make your selection, invert it, press delete to remove the background. Remember though, that the bottom layer will show through the top layer and make you think it never was deleted, so pay attention to the layers dialog to assure the inverted selection did get deleted. On the top layer, rotate your selection.

Do I duplicate the entire layer including the portion that I wish to change? How do I invert the selection? Do I lasso the background to delete?

You use the Lasso tool to select that which you want to keep, then go to Select - Invert to change the selection. Then press the delete button. But remember, it's important to note, you still have the original layer underneath showing through, so it may appear as if nothing happened. You have to utilize the Layers dialog to keep track of the appearance of your image. Or better yet, turn off the bottom layer (click the little eye icon) before you invert the selection and delete on the layer above it.

By Delete, are you talking about Delete Layer?

The DEL button on the keyboard. If you're using an American QWERTY keyboard.

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