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WACOM Bamboo Pen & GIMP Issues

I've been using my Wacom tablet with GIMP for a few hours now, and I'm running into an annoying issue. Whenever I put by pen onto the tablet, the brush tool opens and switches to black circle(11) with scale 1.00, though if I switch to the mouse again it returns to the tool/brush I had selected. I can only get this to stop by using the pen as a mouse and clicking the tool and changing the settings with the pen itself, which is extremely cumbersome and annoying. I've looked through the Bamboo Pen manual, changed the Bamboo and GIMP preferences, and searched for solutions to this problem, but the only problems I find are people having trouble with the mouse and pen cursor being separated or the tablet being incompatible.


That is actually a feature.

Every Wacom device (mouse, pen end, eraser end) is treated as a separate device and can have different settings assigned to them, i.e. I often use the ink tool on the pen end and a soft eraser on the other end of my stylus, so I can erase by using the back end of the stylus.

same ide between the stylus and mouse.

-Rob A>

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