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Looking for script fu's *help please!*

I don't even know the name of them, all it showed in the toolbar on Gimp is it was labeled Script Fu. It had multiple things under it but I only downloaded one thing. I can't find it anywhere. It did the outlining of the word, I was able to add gradients into the words, or add patterns into them. Add glows inside. There was just a bunch of different scripts all in one download. I have looked everywhere and I can't seem to find the same thing. I should have saved it all to our external but I forgot. >.<

Does anyone know where I can it? Or even what I'm talking about?


Do you mean FX-Foundry: one download a lot of things.

That wasn't it, but it did have a few of the ones in it. Thank you!

In the menu bar at the top of the windows it was actually labeled Script Fu. Right beside the Window menu.

Layer effects>

This is the one you mean....

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