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CarTOONize.scm Version 1.0.710.63 KB

CarTOONize your pictures using a script-fu script. Script has controls for adjusting the line thickness, as well as the 'black' shadows. Now you can adjust the number of color levels from 1 to 5 (the default is 4), 1 being very flat, 5 adding more color levels. Can enable/disable the black shadows, as well as a pre-filter * (It uses the GREYCstoration, G'MIC, Selective Gaussian, or Despeckle filter as a 'surface blur' to eliminate noise, which is user selectable). You can now either overwrite existing or generate a new layer.

This filter is not the same as the Cartoon filter included with GIMP. It will actually generate a cartoon version of your picture in a few seconds. If you leave the defaults, you can get some decent results. It will keep the same skin colors as the original picture, but it will be flattened, with lowlights, and highlights. here's a few before and after pics.

http://joe1gk.blogspot.combefore http://joe1gk.blogspot.comafterhttp://joe1gk.blogspot.comV.1.0.6

http://joe1gk.blogspot.combefore http://joe1gk.blogspot.comafter http://joe1gk.blogspot.comV.1.0.6

http://joe1gk.blogspot.combefore http://joe1gk.blogspot.comafter http://joe1gk.blogspot.comV.1.0.6

Version 1.0.7 Color Levels gif showing different levels:

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Yes! I don't have to use Comic Strip anymore. Thanks again Joe. :)

Perfect. Now it does everything in one process. Thanks again, Joe, I truly appreciate this script. :)

Thanks again!

I picked up a few more tips now that I can code using the G'MIC. Do's and do nots for filter detection and testing. It was a great learning process. ;)

Just in case .... I've tested both scenarios, on a development machine (running linux). Need some feedback, (any flavor)....

Because of the various sizes of images being used, half-tone really needs to be adjustable to those varying sizes. I used the comic-strip script after running yours and that gives me the options I am seeking. Your script is one of the best cartoon generators I have seen thus far. Kudos for your hard work and script. It's greatly appreciated!

Using Ubuntu 10.04, 32 bit, with GIMP 2.6.11. No problems with the script at all.

I was recoding this as the forum is always ahead of me... I try to keep up. But now I believe it is complete... :)

This is going to sound like I am nit-picking, but actually its just that by combining the scripts, it forces any duplicate layers to merge. For example, outside of the scripts combined, I would run your script, duplicate that result and run the comic-strip script on the top layer then change the layer mode to suit (to over-ride the posterize look, which is ugly, btw).

With the scripts combined, it merges all my duplicates into one. And another issue with the Comic-strip script is he uses posterize (which wouldn't be required any more in combination with your script because your script does an outstanding job of keeping the colors and tones from the image. So, those are my only thoughts. Removing posterize, and not merging any original duplicate layers (if at all possible).

IMHO, your script works so well, that the only portion really needed from Comic-strip, is the ability to adjust newsprint on the fly. I always cancel unsharp mask, anyway.

My bad! I didn't really test that last one... I just did a c/p I'm amazed it worked. Just lucky I guess we had the same layer names.... I've Fixed this and commented out the 2 filters. They are still there with the corrected layer name.
Should be it for now. :)

How hard would it be to add a half tone option, giving the user the option to use it or not?

Just posted this at GIMPChat Mahvin. Used the very cool Script-fu from Joe and then dup ran Comic-Strip Script-fu and then blended the two to taste. :)


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