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CarTOONize.scm Version 1.0.710.63 KB

CarTOONize your pictures using a script-fu script. Script has controls for adjusting the line thickness, as well as the 'black' shadows. Now you can adjust the number of color levels from 1 to 5 (the default is 4), 1 being very flat, 5 adding more color levels. Can enable/disable the black shadows, as well as a pre-filter * (It uses the GREYCstoration, G'MIC, Selective Gaussian, or Despeckle filter as a 'surface blur' to eliminate noise, which is user selectable). You can now either overwrite existing or generate a new layer.

This filter is not the same as the Cartoon filter included with GIMP. It will actually generate a cartoon version of your picture in a few seconds. If you leave the defaults, you can get some decent results. It will keep the same skin colors as the original picture, but it will be flattened, with lowlights, and highlights. here's a few before and after pics.

http://joe1gk.blogspot.combefore http://joe1gk.blogspot.comafterhttp://joe1gk.blogspot.comV.1.0.6

http://joe1gk.blogspot.combefore http://joe1gk.blogspot.comafter http://joe1gk.blogspot.comV.1.0.6

http://joe1gk.blogspot.combefore http://joe1gk.blogspot.comafter http://joe1gk.blogspot.comV.1.0.6

Version 1.0.7 Color Levels gif showing different levels:

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I am trying to run this script using windows. I already know how to run it via Gimp its self by going to Filters -> Artistic -> Cartoonize.

My question is: How would you execute this script through command line? I would like to apply this script to an image and then save the image in a new directory. Please any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance Gurus!

I am trying to use this on a layer and I don't like how this plug-in removes the transparent parts of the layer and replaces it with a black background!!!

I am using Ubuntu 10.04 and Gimp 2.6.8. When i start the script i get the following messages

Execution error for 'CarTOONize':
Error: eval: unbound variable: gimp-image-insert-layer


Plug-In 'CarTOONize' left image undo in inconsistent state, closing open undo groups.

I have GREYCstoration installed and changed in the script "greycstoration" to "GREYCstoration" as suggested by another user, but without success.

many thanks for providing the cartoonize script!!
i am new in GIMP and so was not able to use your script.
i am a windows user and just after some googling managed to add the script where it should be added and i can now view it using the script-fu console.
my problem at the moment is with the parameter.

please can you give me several examples for the parameters so i can at least make the script work? for example:
(script-fu-CarTOONize run-mode image drawable toggle option value toggle value value toggle toggle)
what should i add in run-mode? it looks like an integer but i can't tell what would that be
for the image, would that requires the full path to the image?

really many thanks in advance for your help

The script is run via menu Filters - Artistic - Cartoonize, not via Script-Fu console.

Open an image you want to cartoonize, then go to Filters - Artistic - Cartoonize


Fixed refresh problem with cartoon image if not half-toned. Added new option for number of color levels, you can now select how flat you want the colors to be 1 is the lowest, 5 the highest. Added new option to generate a new layer, or overwrite existing layer. Fixed the function calls to be gimp 2.7 compliant.

Thanks. Clicking the layer view on and off worked, but glad that you fixed that issue. Like the extended number of levels too. :)

Thanks Joe!Very good script, thanks again.

Added Despeckle smoothing option, ... to display name, and did all edit-copy-pastes to a named buffer. Cleaned up code, removed a section that was no longer being used. Generates better skin-tone colors than before.


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