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Calendar with image...

After a system crashed, on my computer, I lost my access to the GIMP Plugin Registry account under my old username 'rob.brz', from now on its 'rob.brz1'.

Edit 2011/05/16, a new version 0.3 of 'Calendar with image'
The new English version of 'Calendar with Image' offers:
a) an interactive comment line editor to simplify the usage of the program, (example_cale_10_10v2.jpg at "" is no longer accurate and needed),
b) new comment line syntax (sorry) with the possibility to specify date in the form, like first Monday,
c) a file 'year_comments-en.txt' is included in the zip, as an example of the comment line syntax,
d) multi stages dialog for colours to shorten first stage dialog which was too long,
e) and smaller tweaks ...
f) loads automatically the comment control lines for the month from file 'year_comments-xx.txt'. (Edit 2011/07/20)
g) untangle 'weekday tag' from 'first weekday' and 'language' in the first stage dialog at the cost of a secondary dialog. (Edit 2011/08/07)
h) save and recall your custom header tags. If the 'year_comments-xx.txt' file is modified with a text editor, to have a line 'tags:\n' at the end, like the one included in the last'*.zip'. (Edit 2011/08/20)

Now version 0.3 enters the stable stage (debugging).
° Corrected some typos and added a '.pot' file. (Edit 2011/09/06)

The English plug-in should appears in the GIMP menu bar under 'Plugins-Python/Image/Additions/Calendar with image...'.
It is my location, naturally I encourage you to place them where it make the most sense for you by text editing the line 'menu=_("(Image)/Plugins-Python/Image/Additions"))' toward the end of the 'py' file, since one of the goal for script is to mould GIMP to your way of working.

Also if you are a systematic user of 'date comments' make a list of your comments for each month in an yearly comments text file. Base it on the name, place and format of 'year_comments-en.txt' included in the zip, but replace '...-en...' by the ISO code for your language if it is supported by the plug-in.

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