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Smart Separate Sharpen

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Eg-SmartSeparateSharpen.scm6.16 KB

Implements a new version of smart sharpening (redux) combined with separate sharpen to give better results. Thanks to Michael Kolodny for working on this.


Updated to work with Guimp 2.8.

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In meantime I was able to compare a large number of different sharpening algorithms and found out this is the best one, but it is slow. o it would help a lot if someone could program the whole in C and also add a preview to it. I also want it as a Photoshop plugin or action.

@amontag: Default settings sometimes give a nearly unnoticeable sharpening. Try on a small crop from an image.

I am using this plugin, but when I use the standard settings I don't see any change on my photo, either if I flatten it or I don't flatten it.

Any tutorial how to use it?? am I missing something??

I am using Gimp 2.6.11 in Fedora

I'm really not seeing anything on my side either, are there any good tutorials for this available on youtube or something?


Very nice plugin and much more better now than before. It would be nice if there would be a preview to see the effect of the different settings.

preview are just impossible for script fu
To have a preview would be needed rewrite everything in a different language (as C, or C+)

Just tried it; results pretty good. Removed your other two versions per your advice (they were actaully part of the FX Foundry ones). Thanks for this one. :)

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