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Big previews in all scripts/filters, possible ?

Hi, I seen new scritps for big previews in few filters but it's possible to create a script for all directly ? Or directly in the activ layer, or other ideas ?

And sorry for my english. :°

Most of the gimp filters included or optional offer already a big preview:
all you have to do is maximize in both direction the filter interface, and the preview will become bigger and bigger

In linux there is often a button,close to the x button to maximize the size, in Windows has to be done manually:
you move the filter ...let say in the top left corner of the screen, then you pass the mouse pointer on the right edge of the plugin,when the mouse pointer will change shape in a double arrow you drag to the right

Nothing will happen yet to the preview, but will change a lot at soon you repeat for the lower plugin edge

the 8 filters i hacked for a big preview were the only exceptions to this rule
In that case the preview size was imposed by a hardcoded value
about your question i suppose would be possible call always plugins with maximized interface (and so, except for the 8 exceptions, with very big preview
but as now i can't remember if is a option in Edit/Preferences (that is a sort of Labyrinth , but also the first place to look if you want customize gimp to your wish ) or there is a more hidden file to edit

Again that will change nothing for the original version of the plugin i hacked (not even for their hacked version) but those are the only exceptions...but would work for all the others

Forgot that some of the presets can be done this way PC. Thanks for the tip. Still hope that someone will be able to compile GIMPressionist with the large preview window. :)

Thanks. I was tested resize window, but my image was more small, maybe, or i wasn't zoomed. I don't know.

For maximize windows, in linux, maximize and min' bouttons are not accessible. I must resize with mouse.

In Edit/Perferences i've not found the option. I was seen Interface and Window Management, but it's not this, and not in other options.

In the doc "All of the Preferences information is stored in a file called gimprc in your personal GIMP directory, so if you are a “power user” who would rather work with a text editor than a graphical interface, you can alter preferences by editing that file. If you do, and you are on a Linux system, then man gimprc will give you a lot of technical information about the contents of the file and what they are used for"
But i'm not power user, i don't want make mistakes.

And in the Window Management doc, "This page lets you customize the way windows are handled in GIMP. You should note that GIMP does not manipulate windows directly, instead it sends requests to the window manager (i. e., to Windows if you are running in Windows; to Metacity if you are running in a standard Gnome setup in Linux; etc). Because there are many window managers, and not all of them are well behaved, it cannot be guaranteed that the functions described here will actually work as described. However, if you are using a modern, standards-compliant window manager, they ought to."
I have metacity, but i don't know want to do for this is permanent.

Even in you are not a power users there is not risk to open a file as gimprc with a text editor as gedit
and look there

Look for something as "window " "window size" followed by 2 numeric values
(it is even possible that some comment in the code will help to trace the default value )

And if you found simply change them (you may back up the origina just in case ) and reload gimp to see if worked.
should be no any risk to change that in a reasonable way:
you know the dimension of your screen in px, that values are also in pixels so just chose a higher value but minor of your screen size..sure better avoid mistakes but the only mistakes i may imagine in this case would be type letters instead then numbers, or put a 0 more as 8000 instead then 800 (or anyway value for W and H bigger then your screen )

I should try something similar on my pc, but at the moment i am too busy ...not sure when i would found some time

Maybe other here may add soon more accurate info, so monitor this topic,

Yes, i have seen gimprc but the comment say that all options are in edition > preferences.
I tested dock-window-hint in extra-large, like other option, beacause i don't understand this option, and it's only option with "window". But no difference.
Options with "size" not intersting.

When you try, after to busy, thanks shared. :)

New to all this...can I use Gimp to texture a Daz 3D Model of a fish?
and I plan to use this fish in a film using blender....I have no experience in doing this but some brief steps on how to start will be great.....Thanks Robert

And waht on earth are plug in's?

better ask in a gimp help forum as on or

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