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Map to Object-BIG-preview

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MAP to Object is already included in gimp but with a too poor and microscopic a preview
with a simple hack i multiplied the hardcoded preview size from 100x100 to 600x400 to offer a much bigger preview. you may see the difference!

gimp -Map to Object-hack

would be possible with some knowledge of C a much better preview:
quoting schumam "I'd like to see implementations of these plug-ins as GEGL-ops, preferably using existing ones where possible ( This would allow real-time previews in the image window itself - check out the Fractal Explorer op of the GEGL tool, for example."

a real time preview for this as for the other filters crippled by microscopic preview seems a excellent improvement i hope someone will try soon to apply something alike to this old but still excellent plugin

in the time-while i hope my, trivial but somehow effective hack may help

only source code, no windows or other OS binary yet
I hope somebody will help soon with compiled versiosn but i can't make prevision

map-object.zip43.85 KB
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There is obviously a learning curve to learn how to install these types of scripts and plugins. I began digging into the sketchy documentation and found that there was a big gap in the GIMP version that it was originally created for and the present day GIMP version, and the data said that you needed to change the to reflect the version that you were installing for but frankly the scripting was a little confusing. This is probably a great addition but until I learn more, obviously not going into my GIMP toolbox.

Could you do same for Deform plugin? Actually size makes sometimes impossible to get good result.

i may have a look,

PS i can't find any filter called "deform"
where is ?

Think he means iWarp PC. I would like a bigger preview for iWarp too. :)

then just follow my tip
you will get a really gigantic preview...well not at full screen but really MUCH bigger.
just do NOT give up when you see that not only stretching only in 1 direction, but even starting to stretch in the other direction nothing happens

just go on and at a certain point...the preview will start to grow bigger and bigger

Did you write your own makefile?

the makefile is the original one
But if will work when compiling gimp with the modified plugin ,i can NOT assure will work to compile only the plugin, separetly

Sorry i donot know if was needed and how to edit the makefile for this as for the others i plugin just download all the gimp source, applied the changes, and compiled as usual.

Everything worked well,but i need help for compile the binary

In windows this would automatically create also the plugin binary ready to be redistribuited(just by copying them from the plug-ins folder )...not sure for Debian ,a attempt to share failed but that were compiled against 2.7 from git, but maybe a different version of the 2.7 where were tested

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